Awaken the Giant Within

Every age has its own self- improvement book. First it was Dale Carnegie. His books ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and ‘How to Stop worrying and Start Living’ paved way for many thousands to lead s successful life. Then came Napoleon Hill. His books ‘Success’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ sold out thousands of copies around the world and people showed interest in reading them.Now it is Anthony Robbins. His book, “Awaken the Giant Within’ suits to the modern needs. Based on the latest scientific findings on Brain and psychological aspects the new theory called NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming shows the way to lead a successful life in the modern competitive world.The book has divided in to four parts, ‘Unleash Your Power, ‘Taking Control – ‘The Master System’, ‘The Seven Days to Shape Your Life’ and ‘A Lesson in Destiny’.Can anyone change his destiny?There are three decisions that control your destiny, points out Anthony Robbins.1) Your decisions about what to focus on.2) Your decisions about what things mean to you.3) Your decisions about what to do to create the results you desire.To achieve your goal either you have to find the way or make one.There are techniques to make the way. First change your belief and personal breakthroughs will begin. Start with the basic belief and reinforce your belief by adding new and more powerful references.By NAC you can change yourself for good. What is NAC. Neuro Associative Conditioning is a step-by-step process that can condition your nervous system to associate pleasure to those things you want to continuously move toward and pain to those things you need to avoid in order to succeed consistently in your life without constant effort or willpower.There are ten emotions of power. Love and warmth, Appreciation and gratitude, Curiosity, Excitement and passion, Determination, Flexibility, Confidence, Cheerfulness, Vitality and Contribution are to be planted daily.After elaborating these vital points the author gives a Seven Days Programme to shape our life. Take control of your conscience emotions, After learning to condition your nervous system you have to condition your metabolism. Then comes relationships. Success is meaningful if only you could share it with someone you love. Then comes Finance. Take control of your financial future. Then comes Code of conduct. Create your code and do not compromise it. Then learn to use your time to your advantage. Have some rest and play. Even God took one day off!This seven day programme, if carried out successfully, we can repeat it to ensure success.One woman who was suffering from the fear about snakes took treatment for seven years and yet not cured. Anthony Robbins took it as a challenge and in fifteen minutes time he cured her! Such is the power of NLP.Beautiful quotations are splashed out throughout the book. A number of anecdotes and real life incidents have been given in every chapter to inspire the reader.An investment should yield. Yield for good. The investment on this book will surely yield. Not necessarily proportionately but multitimes. Change your life through your own brain and your own programming. This book will show you how! Good Luck.

Ambitious Bestseller by Anthony Doerr

He shows that the terror can be only a background for a whole another story written in short chapters and depicting human nature and its power to see the light in places where it seems to disappear.The story is set some years before and then during the World War II in two locations: occupied France and Hitler’s Germany. There’s an orphan boy in Germany and one blind girl living in the heart of Paris. Marie-Laure LeBlanc is the only precious daughter of her father – a master locksmith working at the museum. She lost her sight at the age of six, yet her widower father never hints on her condition to be a defect. By creating wooden models of their street, taking her with to work, going with her to different locations and supervising to develop the sense of touch, he teaches her how to pull through in a whole new world without images. The man goes far than that: he buys expensive books in Braille to enhance Marie’s perception of a fantastic world explored by Jules Verne. And through the entire story, we never notice a hint of girl’s complaints. Things and objects, people and nature she can’t see for obvious reasons, Marie imagines and knows by sounds and smells.At the same time, the neighboring country is getting ready for war. An eight-year-old Werner Pfennig lives in the Children’s Home in Zollverein together with his sister and a few other children without parents or bright future. Unlike other dwellers, he and his sister Jutta do not care for Nazism. What they are really engaged in is listening to the radio and learning incredible things from programs broadcasted by an unknown Frenchman with a low and tender voice.Their lives change when the Nazis come to France in 1940. Marie and her father leave their home place and a comfortable apartment to reach the land of Marie’s uncle Etienne, who after a while becomes girl’s best friend and supporter when her father disappears. There’s something he left in one of Marie’s models. There’s something precious she has owned all the time, and what a Nazi gemologist von Rumpel will come for.A talented German boy joins other extraordinary white-haired and blue-eyed teens at a nightmarish school for the military people of the country. It seems as though he gets what he wanted: the talent is noticed and even though he has no money, he is accepted, trained, and respected. But not by Jutta… She seems to have more light and hers is bright enough to see how fast her beloved brother has become one of those, who made their father and thousands of other orphans’ dads work for living coal-mining.As years go by, Marie-Laure lives her own life with her extraordinary uncle, finds out about his secret hidden in the attic and joins the group of French guerrillas that works for the benefit of France. While the girl keeps growing the light she has inside, Werner loses more of his day after day. Deep inside, there’s the voice that tells him things are not what they should be: prisoners should not be humiliated and left in the cold to die, classmates should not be hunted and beaten to death, killing others is not what their nation should do to prove its superiority. But the voice keeps down for years. Werner is sent to war and he does his job not only repairing radios around the occupied lands. He watches as others are killed and does nothing to save them. Deep inside him, there’s still the light he cannot see. And every reader knows one day Werner will make it get brighter.While looking for guerrillas, he comes across the same voice he listened to in the Children’s Home in Zollverein. Werner goes against his comrades and never reveals the secret until he hears the voice of a girl asking for help…Though one can find dozens of books about World War II written by modern authors, there’s hardly a novel like this. There are several setting and an extraordinary writing manner: chapters are short and the action takes place both in the past and present. A reader starts with the final scenes and then goes back to the very beginning to know how it happened and what deeds led to this outcome. Anthony Doerr uses gorgeous metaphors and has a great sense of physical details which help him to show passionate readers from all world corners that even in terrible settings and moments, there are still people, who keep the light inside brighter and try to be good to one another even if they are in different camps.

Supernatural Brotherhood: Myths of the Mont Order

The Mont Order is an allegedly ancient and global religious order dedicated to controlling history. In myths about the Order, it is strangely shown as the world’s oldest group, even created by a deity or by proto-human creatures before humans existed.Myths DecipheredAn Order to our DaysSeemingly devoted to unknown, higher and divine goals, the Order supposedly includes a highly capable elite. Their role is to struggle to actively cause “natural” disasters, wars and social change to achieve their version of human progress. Further myths suggest the Order’s members can see into the future and even summon deadly supernatural powers if they are provoked.A conspiracy theory and a mysterious book called The Work of the Mont Order feature the immensely powerful Mont Order society. In addition, some actual gatherings of political authors and editors have been called the Mont Order in modern times. Their connection to the other group seems to only be symbolic.Many Names of the OrderThe Order is said to have used 237 other aliases throughout history. Names immediately similar to its main name are “La Montagne” and “the Order of Mont Inheritors”, while many others sound not even vaguely similar or seem to describe the exact opposite.A reason the Order is mentioned so infrequently by name in history books is its tendency to work through other names and a lack of interest in taking credit for their deeds, according to its “Oath of Humility and Denial”.Several sources identify the Order as a “nameless cult”, a description invoking the supernatural horror of Cthulhu Mythos authors Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft.MythologyAccording to The Work of the Mont Order, the Order’s “work” began when the Universe was created. At this time, the “lowest order of man” stole the secret knowledge of fire from God. The Order then reveres the “Thief” responsible, whose actions resemble the mythic Greek titan Prometheus, although the Thief is punished by God.The Order, in its creation myth, vows to continue the Thief’s work, mainly by creating chaos, disasters and destruction to provoke amendments to philosophy and civilization. The events of the Order’s founding are reported to have happened at the time of the creation of the Universe, allowing the Order to refer to its age as the source of its authority.Human cultures separated by entire continents and millennia of history have all developed the same myth of a “Thief” who stole the gift of fire from Heaven. Similarly, the Order’s story shows it to have resided with all cultures and civilizations everywhere, however distant they were, from their beginning.Sack of RomeThe Mont Order allegedly attacked the Roman Empire after its “judgment” that the Romans were nothing more than thieves and the “vilest oppressors”, potentially inciting and manipulating the events of the Visigoths’ sack of the city in 410. This is described in a surviving “remnant” of the Order’s texts. The Order is said to have “slayed the people of Rome” and taken possession of much of Rome’s gold around that time.Black DeathA passage in the Mont Order’s oldest writing admits that the Order intentionally started the Black Death in Europe. As described, the Mont Order’s followers were “repentant” about these actions, admitting they “put rats abord your ships and carry their pestilence”, seemingly a reference to the plague rats acting as carriers of the Black Death.French RevolutionCalling it the “French Precedent”, the Mont Order claims to have orchestrated the defining moments of the French Revolution. Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès (1748-1836), a famous political scientist who authored a key pamphlet to inspire these events, was a member of the Mont Order (then called La Montagne or “The Mountain”), according to one list of Mont Order alumni. His famous document, “Qu’est-ce que le tiers-état?” (“What is the Third Estate?”), appears align almost word for word with “The Call to the Oppressed”, a chapter found in The Work of the Mont Order. In addition, the Order mantra “Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order” could have been the origin of the French motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”The entire legend of the Order’s participation in the French Revolution is based on equating or confusing its name, “Mont”, with the almost identical name of the Montagnard group. If confirmed, this involvement would not only make the Order responsible for the infamous Reign of Terror in France but it would make the Mont Order the very first “terrorists”, as the word “terrorism” was coined to describe the Montagnard terror against royalists in the name of the French people and republic.World War I and World War IThe Mont Order takes credit for starting World War I by sending an assassin to kill Archduke Ferdinand. As one member argues in a celebratory letter included in The Work of the Mont Order, the Order also caused World War II with this deed, because of the strong connection between the causes of the two biggest conflicts in Europe.Justifying causing these conflicts, the Mont letter blatantly says, “Without the World Wars, civilisation could not have moved forward”. The Order speaks elsewhere of its ruthless practice as the “refinement” of civilisation “by conflict”.Roman Catholic ChurchThe Mont Order’s actual origins may be old, but not as old as portrayed in The Work of the Mont Order. Another text attributes the Roman Catholic Codex Haereditas and fifty other “scrolls” to the Mont Order, and states the Roman Catholic Church purged its records of any mention of the Mont Order. At that time, the Order became outcasts, possibly making up the other story about their origins to continue as a group.WeathermanThe Weather Underground group, also called the Weatherman, is portrayed as a pawn of the Mont Order, and represents its late Twentieth Century hopes and goals for society. This is found in one of the appendices of a Mont book, mentioning that the Order had two insiders at the group who controlled it. The Weatherman actively campaigned and even attempted, although it failed comically, to stage bombings in protest against racial inequality and the Vietnam War in the United States. Such efforts only resulted in their own members being injured.Where this left the Order in the modern day is not certain, but attempts to revive it can be observed among some desperate fringes of politics and religion.Darker TheoriesAlleged Massacre and Destruction of the Order in 1999All sources seem to agree that the Order faced some kind of difficulty in 1999, and was forced to disband.Based on one alleged but highly doubtful email conversation, a treacherous member of the Mont Order called L’Ordre allegedly betrayed the other members and carried out a single-handed raid against one of their ritual sites in Scotland. This raid, seemingly scrubbed from the headlines or simply never known outside the circles of the Order, brought about the deaths of several top members of the Order. According to email content held at the Internet Archive, these events drove the group from a state of hiding to virtual non-existence after the near eternity of work since its founding in the creation of the universe.Recent forgeryAdditional theories state that the entire existence of the Order is a forgery, based on a number of apocryphal accounts and books. Arguments that the Order is a hoax include one testimony by an alleged ex-member, in which the “so-called Mont Order” is portrayed a hoax to obtain publicity.ProphecyThe future is seen as a “canvas” to the Mont Order, according to the legends in its books. In this sense, the Order assumes the role not only to see and predict the course of time itself, but to shape it or even destroy it. Although this would seem impossible, readers will do well to remember it coexists with the story that the Order oversaw the creation of the universe itself.Forecasting world events is a power the lords of the Order are alleged to have, as a result of their special connection with the divine plane and their role as the authors of history. As one Mont slogan goes, “victory comes not to the strong ones but to those who divine the inevitable.”FireballsOne of the bizarre claims associated with the Order is the ability to hurl fire at their enemies using their bare hands. While this has obviously never been observed for real, it does have some documentary support. The texts from the Mont Order state, “there is no way but the way of Mont, the way of fire, the way of the promise” and this is later followed by poetic portrayals of how the Order can and will “light fires in every alley and every valley”.The Thief character portrayed in the Order’s own mythology stole fire from Heaven, like the Greek Titan Prometheus, making the Order’s control over fire a manifestation of the power given to them by the Thief. The Order also makes a threatening metaphor of its control over fire, vowing to bring justice to the world “even if the world should turn to fire with the touch of our sharing”.Teleportation and Manipulation of MatterUsing the universe as their “canvass” may mean the Mont Order has control over matter, with the ability to move themselves great distances instantaneously. This Fortean ability would explain the slippery nature of any attempt to prove the Order’s very existence and power. The “shadows of the churches” and various actual “chapels” were the gathering places of the Order, and such descriptions undoubtedly point to a set of physical gathering places of the Order. If so, where are they now?If the Order bent the rules of the universe, a trait it inherited in its “creation myth”, it may have acted out of humility to conceal itself by changing and defying the fabric of the universe, moving entire edifices underground and underwater or into the “vales” and “swamps” as its writing seems to boast. This would amount to classic Fortean “teleportation”, specifically imagined as a supernatural act.Manipulation of DreamsResembling the plot of the movie Inception, there exists a story that the Mont Order has invaded people’s dreams. Called “Murders of the Mont Order”, this was obviously just a fiction vignette, but did fuel speculation with mystery enthusiasts that the Order may have this ability. Like other alleged abilities of the Order, this ability seems to simply flow from their apparent ability to defy the laws God has set for the rest of the universe. In that moment of cosmic creation, we might say, the Order’s dark disciples were imbued with some limited divine ability to act outside the laws of physics and rewrite the fabric of reality to suit their wills. For such disciples, rewriting the thoughts in a lowly human mind would be like child’s play.ImmortalityMont Order sages have lived longer than any other human, one theory has said. In all likelihood, the only immortality being described here is the immortality of the group itself. It could have been a misinterpretation or part of another claim by the group itself, but a group that threatens to throw fireballs at people and control minds would probably have no hesitation about making such a claim.Theories on the Order’s GoalsAs mentioned already, the goal of the group or groups called the Mont Order is never clearly explained. Myths show the Order trying to manipulate history, but the end goal of its powerful schemes is not revealed.Recovering After the French RevolutionOne possibility is that the French Revolution is a clue to what the Mont Order is trying to achieve. This may be the closest the Order came to achieving its goals, under the name “La Montagne” in the history books.Although many of the French Revolution’s goals were met and the changes the Revolution brought were great across the world, abolishing many monarchies, the Mont Order may have deemed the French Revolution to be a failure. It is possible that the Order wished to completely wipe out the feudal system across the world, and unite humanity in a single global republic. However, the Order disappeared or were killed before they could achieve such goals.If real rather than legend, the Order would find itself in a dark place today, struggling to restore a flake of the power it once had.

A Review of The Amarant by Author Tricia Barr

Tricia Barr’s The Amarant, beckons readers into a fantastical vampire-filled world, where a young woman’s crush on a fictional character leads her into an incredible reality where romance, the paranormal and an untapped legacy of fantastic supernatural power merge to change her world, forever.The heroine of the story, Crimson Wilkinson, portrays a complex and strong-willed young woman, who refuses to let the darkness of a hurt-filled past take over her life. Being only seventeen, she lives with her mother in Tucson, Arizona, a locale which is wanting when it comes to excitement. As with any high schooler, Crimson undergoes some common experiences; an angry teacher, a bullying nemesis, ditching classes, an attraction to a hunky football player, and boredom. Her only real escape from the doldrums of her life concerns either hanging with her best friends Robert, Reina and Amber or getting lost in her favorite series of paranormal fiction novels which centers on a reclusive, handsome vampire named Nicholae Albaric who she crushes on and obsesses over.Crimson’s story begins with the start of another seemingly uneventful high school year. Seeking excitement, her curiosity and infatuation for her crush sends her on a whim to search online for the fictional Nicholae. However, things change drastically and the true adventure starts when her search fatefully reveals that her vampire crush, Nicholae Albaric, is a real living vampire. Determined to turn dream into reality Crimson finds a way to meet her crush and the romantic sparks fly seemingly a destiny fulfilled. Consequently, their meeting sets off a series of events both romantic and adventurous, as she quickly becomes acquainted with Nicholae’s extraordinary world, which in turn, also leads to a startling revelation concerning her own untapped supernatural powers. Meanwhile, dark forces with other than friendly intentions focus their sinister machinations on Crimson abruptly throwing her world into utter chaos with danger and blood curdling action ensuing, as Nicholae and other supernatural denizens become her immortal protectors.Altogether, The Amarant was a nicely executed novel. It fell easily into the Young Adult/Paranormal Romance paradigm with its blending of youthful, animated characters, paranormal creatures and intensely building romance. And overall, I found it made for a good escapist read which should appeal to fans of the genre, albeit, the pace of the story did start out slow but picked up later with an intensity that I wish was present earlier in the story. Additionally, I particularly enjoyed author Tricia Barr’s use of creativity when it came to the diversity of the vampire archetypes and especially her skilled use of imagery during the ferociously bloody vamp fight scenes which made for an especially exciting reading.

Review of The Way of The Dhin

I recently had the pleasure of reading a great science fiction novel, the following is a review of the book.Posing an intellectual convergence of science fiction, fact and possibilities, John L Clemmer’s The Way of The Dhin delivers with its futuristic tale of A.I. sovereignty, alien contact and the mystery of the technology they left behind.During a time of revelation and turmoil on earth with A.I. grown to the point of hive mind singularity, governing much of what humans once managed for themselves. By virtue of their governance the need for manual labor was significantly reduced with A.I. providing everything for their human charges; food, water, shelter, power and transportation, making life easy for humans to basically exist. However, hot spots of rebellion surged, as many humans did not completely trust A.I. intentions and sought to somehow overthrow their advanced existence.Additionally, first contact with a mysterious alien race, the Dhin, transpires. The Dhin leave in their suddenly departed wake, a seeming gift of technological wonder, but because of unsuccessful communications with humans obtaining instructions for the device’s use, was a daunting and convoluted task as the technology defied all known laws and logic of physics on earth.Thusly, the gift of the wondrous Dhin technology leaves various factions on earth vying for control, proper understanding and use of the Dhin engine, each having their own agendas for potential applications of the little understood engine. While some sought to weaponize the engine, others looked to use it to help humanity.Well worth the read, The Way of the Dhin presents a cleverly rendered narrative that I found thoroughly enjoyable. Author John L. Clemmer, employs a genuinely rich style of storytelling that comes across as articulate, inventive and altogether readable. The story, while steadily paced, presented an appealing complexity of enigmatic plot lines that successfully and sensibly intersected, which wholly made it easy to stay actively engaged throughout the book. In particular, I enjoyed the way the story alternated between the differing perspectives as events unfold within the story; the reader essentially becomes privy to the machinations at hand within each faction. I especially enjoyed the interludes with the artificial intelligence. He also artfully applied a perspective to the drones, which I found completely fascinating. Overall, this was an entertaining story that left the mind reeling with questions about humanity’s future, particularly, when it comes to the advancement of artificial intelligence, which for me made this a notable read.

Interview With Kaylin McFarren, Author of Twisted Threads

Kaylin McFarren has received more than 40 national literary awards, in addition to a prestigious Golden Heart Award nomination for Flaherty’s Crossing – a book she and her oldest daughter, Kristina McMorris, co-authored in 2008. Prior to embarking on her writing journey and developing the popular Threads action/adventure romance series, she poured her passion for creativity into her work as the director of a fine art gallery in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon; she also served as a governor-appointed member of the Oregon Arts Commission. When she’s not traveling or spoiling her pups and three grandsons, she enjoys giving back to her community through participation and support of various charitable and educational organizations in the Pacific Northwest, and is currently the president of the Soulful Giving Foundation – a non-profit focused on cancer research, care and treatment at hospitals throughout Oregon.Welcome Kaylin, and thank you for being with us today! Why don’t you start by telling our readers a bit about your journey to becoming a published author?I have always had a love of reading… at least as far back as I can remember. My interest in writing began at the tender age of 10, when an English teacher took an interest in my stories and encouraged me to keep a journal. Throughout high school and college, I worked on the newspaper and actually had my own column. But it wasn’t until my children were grown that I allowed myself the luxury of writing stories and submitting to publishers in New York. At one point, I was accepted by a famous, well-known firm, but then told to change everything about my book… everything that made it special. Rather than struggle to fit in with formulated fiction, I chose to spread my own wings with a small press and ultimately as a self-published author, which resulted in setting my own hours and deciding what I truly enjoy writing.What is “Twisted Threads” about?Akira Hamada, a beautiful Japanese geisha, failed at killing Kaito Mitsui two years ago-the same yakuza gang leader who destroyed her lover and forced her to become an assassin. Now, with his sister’s murderer traveling to the Caribbean on a cruise ship, Akira has ten days at sea to identify her target and complete her assignment as her penance, or face her own death.What inspired you to write this story?For many years, I’ve been privileged to experience remarkable things and rare opportunities while traveling the globe with my husband. This had included a vast array of transportation, ranging from private planes, helicopters, and hot air balloons to kayaks, submarines, and elegant cruise ships. My world-travel journeys have not only allowed me to meet interesting people and discover fascinating cultures, but also to develop life-long friendships with fellow travelers and to introduce dear friends to all parts of the world. Interesting tales shared by friends, personal experiences, and extensive research have contributed to making this character-driven story possible and have inspired me to write this “twisted” tale.Which character do you relate to most? Is there a bit of you reflected in the characters?I honestly believe that there are small pieces of myself in every character that I create – my fears, my insecurities, my longings, and my craving for love, affection and acceptance. With that said, I find myself tangled up in the character of Devon Lyons-although he’s a self-assured man. In truth, he’s a lost soul in this complex murder-mystery story. For a number of years, he’s been struggling to find his true identity in a circle of family that is successful, strong, judgmental, and extremely opinionated. I believe this is his one opportunity to break out and discover what he’s truly made of and if he’s capable of real love.How involved was your research for “Twisted Threads”?It took me almost eighteen months to write Twisted Threads. This included the time needed to research ship disasters, interview cruise enthusiasts, reacquaint myself with characters from other books I’ve written, and edit my final manuscript, while maintaining an active lifestyle, of course. Typically, I create a visual storyboard on Pinterest, write a short summary, and simply write by the seat of my pants without a thought about how the story will end. I’m not big on storyboarding and long-term planning like other authors. For me, it’s more interesting and fun to allow my characters to develop and direct the plots of each book.How do you keep the narrative fresh in a series?I tap into my personal experiences and inner voices that yearn to be heard. I love each and every one of my characters, despite their failings and imperfections, and want readers to sympathize with their plight, heartaches and damaged lives.What do you like to read?Everything you can imagine… but primarily thrillers and action-adventure stories.Do you believe in writing every day as a standard practice? Tell us about your writing schedule and a typical day at the desk of Kaylin McFarren.I write as a daily practice from 10am to 6pm. When it comes to creating fiction, this might involve fifteen minutes or four to five hours every day. But when I write, I’m compelled to voice the emotions buried deep within me. Years ago, I was a damaged soul, but I’ve always longed to be strong and to overcome the insignificance that I felt throughout my life.How do you feel when you finish a writing project?Accomplished. When I write the final words on a manuscript, I want to believe that the truth of my story is told and the buried message within the final chapter will be understood by the readers that see it. We all grow and become stronger from our experiences in life-good or bad… negative or positive-and I want to believe that my stories make a difference in their telling.What writers have inspired your own work as an author?I love all kinds of genres: mysteries, erotica, sci-fi, historical romance… you name it. But what I love most is current affairs told in a fictional account. That’s why I love Jodi Picoult books. She truly inspires me. Her books are controversial because they deal with real tragedies that average people don’t like to discuss but at the same time consider an unavoidable issue.What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, about writing, or about life in general?Write what you’re passionate about. I understand that some stories require research and others require commitment and personal heartfelt experiences. But what I’m talking about is the need to share what your beliefs are… what you consider to be true and want others to understand more than anything in this world. Don’t try to fake it, because it shows… believe me. Write with your heart on your sleeve and with your mind wide open to possibilities and you’ll touch lives that you never thought possible.What advice can you give aspiring authors?Read like there’s no tomorrow. We learn from experience, whether it’s our own or someone else’s. Just trust in your talent and never stop believing that you have a gift to share.What’s next, do you have another project in the works?I’m currently working on a new time travel story that I’ve discussed with my husband. Strangely enough, he dreamed about this story and I want to write about it in the worst way possible.Where can readers connect with you on social media to learn more about “Twisted Threads” and your other books?I honestly try to be everywhere… while writing as much as I can. You can find me on Facebook and Goodreads under Kaylin McFarren, and on Twitter at @4kaylin. My website is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?If you relish stories created by an author, be sure to let them know. Your praise and support encourages them to work harder at developing new dramas, romances, murder mysteries and adventures that you’ll ultimately enjoy and they’ll feel rewarded by writing.

Book Review of Hidden Sea

Proffering a literate jolt to the senses, Miles Arceneaux’s Hidden Sea gives readers food for thought with its rich and captivating narrative of human trafficking in the Gulf of Mexico. Albeit this is a work of fiction, the story is based on the reality of sea-faring enslavement, which occurs within the South Sea of China. Readers will find this entertaining story stocked with a bevy of colorful characters artfully immersed in a briny mix of adventure, humor, political corruption and pirates, set in the Gulf of Mexico. Written by a trio of well-honed authors, known as Miles Arceneaux, writing as one voice, this makes the fifth addition in their series of Gulf Coast thrillers.A compelling read from the start, you are immediately drawn into the story when nineteen-year-old Augustus (Augie) Sweetwater wakes up tethered by chains and shoeless in a dark and dank locale. Enraged by his circumstance he struggles with remembering just how he got there. As the story changes perspectives you meet his Great Uncle Charlie Sweetwater. He’s a 68 year old, impetuous type of free spirit, with an assortment of boats, former owner of a semi-successful business and a small assortment of likable, colorful friends. Raul, Augie’s father, contacts Charlie when Augie, although known to hold the family trait of being “free wheeling”, remains unaccounted for, after two days of failing to make contact while on a business trip along the Mexican gulf. While Raul worries that his son is really a missing person, Charlie believes that he may have made a pit stop along the way and merely forgot to call anyone. However, the mystery and adventure takes on momentum when the feeling that something is amiss hounds Charlie as well as Raul, subsequently leading them to initiating an intense search for Augie. As a result, each man embarks on separate missions to find Augustus, with their excursions bringing them into contact with, friends, danger, corruption and oddball acquaintances.Overall Hidden Sea was a terrifically worthwhile read that approached a difficult topic with appealing eloquence. Besides being shrewdly plotted with twists, emotions, revelations and personal transformations, the story hosted a cast of distinctive characters, that made the read especially entertaining. In particular, I enjoyed Charlie, he was an intriguing personality to follow. Also, I found young Augie’s transformation throughout his circumstances to be compelling. This is definitely one great read to add to the library.

Book Review of The Perfect Match

A narrative, both sincere and touching, The Perfect Match by author T. Wayne Bloodworth focuses on the complex and emotion ridden journey of Dr. Zack Folsom, a man living life so mired in doubt, sorrow and guilt, that it takes twisted fate for him to let go and start living life as he should.Central character, Doctor Zack Folsom, a talented cardiac surgeon, loving husband and father, becomes a man preoccupied, after suddenly losing his wife Emily in a fatal car accident. To avoid the pain of his loss, he throws himself into his work dedicating the majority of his time and energy to his medical practice gaining him the reputation of being “all business” while he constantly wields an irascible and crudely sarcastic disposition.Although he experiences great success as a competent surgeon, he also deeply feels the emptiness of the void left by his wife’s death. Meanwhile, his only son Brody who is very much in need of a loving relationship with his father especially after the loss of his mother is now raised and cared for by Emily’s family. Consequently, the relationship between father and son eventually festers into a dysfunctional and emotionally fractured relationship as Brody feels ignored and essentially parent-less, and in turn grows to hold onto a deep and resounding resentment against his father.However, a turning point occurs when things change as a twist of fate brings a lucrative offer to purchase Zack’s start up, a surgical robotics company. The offer not only bears opportunities that would allow Zack freedom from a now disenchanting career, but also brings a beautiful and intelligent lawyer, Gabriella Bennett into his life. As a mutual attraction develops, she helps to bring closure to some of the complexities and emptiness in his life.Overall a satisfying read, The Perfect Match lives up to its name on multiple levels especially with the theme of the perfect match, being well executed by author T. Wayne Bloodworth. He artfully employs a nicely honed knack for evenly paced, detailed storytelling mainly when it comes to his ability to portray vivid images, the medical field and scenes of touching emotion. Additionally, I found the characters to be well thought out. I particularly enjoyed the character of Doctor Folsom. He was a sympathetic character whose emotions were tangibly realistic. I recommend putting this book on your “to be read” list. It definitely would make a good end of summer, feel good read.

Book Review of Turtles All the Way Down

A billionaire is missing and a promise of cash reward fascinates Aza Holmes, a young-adult suffering from OCD and anxiety. While her daily existence is cumbersome due to the negative thoughts that are spiraling her downwards in life, she can definitely look up for a true friendship that awaits her. This is the core theme of the book apart from showcasing the true form of mental illness.It’s not merely a book, but a journey. Apparently John Green has developed a penchant for it. The initial pages are light-hearted and draw your interest but as soon as the author pulls you deeper into the life of Aza, her conflicts, and inner demons, it becomes difficult to read. This is not because you don’t want to read, but because it hurts you.Turtles All the Way Down showcases the true nature of OCD and anxiety from a POV of a 16-year-old-girl. As soon as you read the line ‘Whether it hurts is kind of irrelevant’, you begin pondering upon the truthfulness of it. However, that is only the beginning.There is a section in the book where the protagonist wonders what is it that people want to hear when they ask about the well-being of others? Are they merely looking for simple answers? Will they be interested to actually listen? How will they react if someone reverted that they were not doing OK?The book also deals with loss. Now that subplot has a good reason behind it in my opinion. Maybe the author wanted to showcase how even a person suffering from mental sickness is not exempted from other worries in their life. It further adds to the pain of the protagonist and makes you think.I loved how John Green has developed the characters. Also, every character has a significant role in both the story and Aza’s life.Another significant thing to notice is in one of the quotes inside the book. “I guess at some point, you realize that whoever takes care of you is just a person and that they have no superpowers and can’t actually protect you from getting hurt.” Even though everyone around Aza loves her, it doesn’t change the fact that she is hurt from the inside. It is true in real life as well. People who care for us might help us sail through our sorrows but they can’t protect us from getting hurt in the first place.Overall, the book is wonderfully written, thought-provoking and a great addition to the young-adult genre.

Book Review of The Trinity Knot by Author DonnaLee Overly

Book one of an intended series of women’s contemporary fiction, DonnaLee Overly’s The Trinity Knot: Releasing the Knot of Silence, poses a journey into the core of one woman’s psyche, affected and conflicted by the trauma of sexual assault by someone that she trusted, taking place in a location where she should have felt safe. This story brings to focus this unpleasant scenario and questions, which bear distinct discussion, especially in regard to today’s ongoing headlines concerning sexual assault on women. The story raises the question; can you not only forgive your rapist, but fall in love with him as well?The protagonist, Gabriella King, has a great life. She is the daughter of a wealthy Texas rancher, as well as being blessed with beauty, a talent and passion for painting and overall confidence but after experiencing the distress of a sexual assault she becomes a very different person experiencing a gamut of negative emotions. Ashamed, she keeps the attack to herself and chooses not to divulge anything to those closest to her. Hiding her pain, she lets time pass. She also thinks no one will believe her, and retreats from the world while maintaining a disposition of self-deprecation. However, she cannot remain cloistered in her shame and finds that she does have to confront what happened.However, Gabby’s perspective is not the only side of the story to be explored. There is also the side of her attacker Brett, the handsome and desirable tennis instructor and all around ladies man, whose misconception about his encounter with Gabby and other women in general, along with his overall promiscuous experiences with women, lead him to thinking that his sexual attack was desired. When Brett realizes that Gabby did not consider his sexual conduct desirable, he seeks to correct her misgivings about him.Eventually, an unconventional romance develops as unexpected emotions emerge within the emotionally torn Gabby as she learns to let go and forgive.Altogether, I enjoyed The Trinity Knot: Releasing the Knot of Silence. I found it to be a well-written and intriguing read that broached the compelling topic of forced seduction with a scenario relevant to current events. The characters were realistically posed and well-developed within a story which easily engaged. Be warned this book is for adults and does concern adult subject matter; that being said, it is definitely worth the read, I do recommend it and I look forward to the next in the series.